Bill Murray: The Rolling Stone Interview

Rolling Stone Magazine, 16th August 1984

Rolling Stone’s interview with Bill Murray gives the most detailed insight into the making of The Razor’s Edge. Particular focus is given to the location shooting in Srinagar and Ladakh, India in the summer/autumn of 1983.

Rolling Stone Magazine - August 1984

Bill talks about the language barriers, cultural misunderstandings and the generous hospitality of one of the Ladhaki extras.

Bill says: “We had these young boys to play junior monks. We’d hired them in Srinagar. Typical movie stuff: ‘Can we have your son for two weeks, madam? We’re gonna shave his head.’ So we put these kids in monk’s robes, shaved their heads and gave them cute little prayer wheels, and we set up to shoot them walking across the courtyard of the monastery. The monks were watching from the upper window, checking us out.

Whoever was in charge there had obviously picked out the number-one zealot and told him to keep an eye on the movie crew, because suddenly this insane Buddhist monk, who couldn’t have been more than twenty-one, started screaming and yelling and coming down like a fighting cock on this completely stoned-out Indian assistant director. (Our A.D.’s were basically stoned on hash the whole time, which was disconcerting.) Then more of their guys got into it, and more of our guys, and pretty soon it was screaming all-out war.

It turned out that our little monks were turning their prayer wheels the wrong way. It was a major thing to them, like, ‘Just a second, Jesus is supposed to be right side up on that crucifix, you know.’ The monks were going crazy”

You can now read the entire article at Bill Murray: Rolling Stone Interview in full

The interview was conducted by Timothy Crouse. Photographs were taken on location by Dilip Metha.




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