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Profile: Sophie McDonald

“When I began acting, I had a vague idea that I only wanted to do things that meant something to me and that had a certain standard to them. I find that I usually have a year or two between movies. If something good comes along, that’s great. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

Being selective has paid off for Theresa Russell, who stars with Bill Murray in Columbia Pictures’ “The Razor’s Edge,” directed by John Byrum. After four previous screen roles, Russell now plays Sophie, one of Larry Darrell’s closest childhood friends who meets up with him years later in Paris after both have undergone some major personal changes.

Theresa Russell as Sophie McDonald

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Profile: Gray Maturin

During filming of Columbia Pictures’ “The Razor’s Edge, actor James Keach was on the set every day -even on his
days off. The delights of such beautiful cities as Paris and London could not keep him away from the set.

James Keach as Gray Maturin

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Profile: Elliot Templeton

“I always look for the weak parts in any character I’m asked to play. I try to find out what he’s frightened of to justify what he covers up. There’s always a seed there. The trick is to find it.”

Denholm Elliott, accomplished actor and veteran of over 70 films, stars as the eccentric Elliot Templeton in Columbia Pictures’ “The Razor’s Edge”

Denholm Elliot as Elliot Templeton in The Razor's Edge

Denholm Elliot as Elliot Templeton

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