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People Magazine – 5th November 1984

This is the article that confirms the rumors that Bill Murray’s on-screen speech to his dead superior, Piedmont (Played by Brian Doyle-Murray) were words he had already spoken about recently departed friend, John Belushi.

Bill Murray’s Film Farewell to Belushi

‘He was a slob. Did you ever see him eat? Starving children could fill their bellies on the food that ended up on his beard and clothes. Dogs would gather to watch him eat. I never understood gluttony, but I hated it…I hated that about you. He enjoyed disgusting people—being disgusting—that thrill of offending people and making them uncomfortable. He was despicable. He will not be missed.’

People Magazine 1984

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Lost scenes: Debauchery at Lake Forest

Bill Murray and Catherine Hicks in The Razor's Edge

Catherine Hicks and Bill Murray at the Kissing Booth in The Razor’s Edge

Before his trauma in World War 1, Larry Darrell is a carefree and mischievous character.

Early drafts of the script show a very different version of Larry . John Byrum had written a character more in tune with John Winger from Stripes. Here is a scene cut from the farewell party at Lake Forest.

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