TV Trailers: Selling ‘Serious’

Columbia Pictures were clearly unsure how to market The Razor’s Edge to an audience still in love with Ghostbusters.

Bill Murray also seemed to be playing down the serious subject matter in some of his promotional interviews. Continue reading

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Bill Murray: The Rolling Stone Interview

Rolling Stone Magazine, 16th August 1984

Rolling Stone’s interview with Bill Murray gives the most detailed insight into the making of The Razor’s Edge. Particular focus is given to the location shooting in Srinagar and Ladakh, India in the summer/autumn of 1983.

Rolling Stone Magazine - August 1984

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When Bill Murray met John Byrum

Since 2005, I’ve been lucky enough to have the help of the Director of The Razor’s Edge, John Byrum.

He has offered plenty of insights into the production of the film, but one question I had never asked until now is how he first met Bill Murray.

“Bill and I are both from the North Shore suburbs of Chicago. Grew up just a few miles apart, but I never heard of him until one night in LA, Jessica Harper and I were watching the then fabled TV show Saturday Night Live and he was making his very first appearance as Chevy Chase’s replacement in the cast. Continue reading

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An Englishman in Hollywood

In 1945, Author, W. Somerset Maugham traveled to Hollywood to write a screen adaptation of his recent novel, The Razor’s Edge.

20th Century Fox had purchased the rights to the book in October 1944 for $150,000, however, Maugham insisted on writing the screenplay for no fee, with only his expenses being paid. Maugham had seen adaptations of his earlier work, and was unhappy with the finished production. Maugham wanted this novel to be recreated as faithfully as possible. Whilst Maugham collaborated with Writer/Producer Lemar Trotti, he was surprisingly unprotective of his novel. Continue reading

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