The Razor’s Edge was adapted for cinema by John Byrum & Bill Murray from the novel by W. Somerset Maugham. The film was a critical and commercial failure on its release in 1984. This website is for anyone who enjoyed the film, regardless.

Thanks to John and Karin Byrum for his help with this site.

Film facts

  • The Razor’s Edge is Bill Murray’s only screenwriting credit to date
  • Larry’s farewell speech to commanding officer, Piedmont was written by Bill as a farewell to John Belushi. Bill even used the line “He will not be missed” at John’s wake.
  • Columbia Pictures could only have the rights to Ghostbusters if they also agreed to finance The Razor’s Edge.
  • The film was criticised for not taking the search for truth seriously. Novelist, Somerset Maugham wrote a script (which the studios rejected) and stressed “this is a comedy and should be played rapidly”
  • After The Razor’s Edge, Bill took a four year break from the industry which included studying philosophy at the Sorbonne.
  • In the remake , Larry Darrell serves as an Ambulance Driver in World War 1 just as writer, Somerset Maugham had with the Literary Ambulance Drivers. (In the novel and 1946 film version, Larry is a fighter pilot)

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  1. I’m interested in selling DVDs of THE RAZOR’S EDGE on my Buddhist website, sumeru-books.com and I’d like to get in touch with John Byrum to arrange that. Could you please pass this along or contact me with the info? Thank you.


  2. Chad Elliott

    Great site! This one of my all-time favourite films. Beautifully shot and scored. Bill Murray really came into his own as an actor here. (His scenes in Paris with Theresa Russell contain some of the best work he’s ever done in my opinion.) Have you or John Byrum ever considered writing a book? “The Making of The Razor’s Edge” would be amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Susanne

    Was the movie filmed at an actual ashram? If so where was it located?



  4. Hi Luciane, Not sure if it’s available anywhere on Youtube but it looks like it’s pretty easy to rent/buy at Amazon:

    Best, Shaun


  5. luciane

    Where can I find play list the razor’s edge bill murray?
    I love this move!!!!



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